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carbon face or a stationary carbide face and a rotation silicon carbide face. Silicon carbide faces should be used in any environment where a ceramic/carbon coination would not be suitable (i.e. any high abrasive, high abuse or continuous run environment). There are four main areas where silicon carbide seals out perform a tungsten carbide

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Carbon seal faces are compatible with a wide range of metallic and ceramic counterfaces including silicon carbide and tungsten carbide. Carbon-Graphite and Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seal Components are available in a wide variety of grades and can be Molded-to-Size or readily machined into many complex configurations.

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optimum efficiency and low HP ratings. Type 16 Carbon/Silicon Carbide/Viton mechanical seal offers excellent resistance to harsh seawater appliions while protecting the motor shaft from exposure. The volute is sealed with a viton o-ring. All pumps are close coupled to …

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Offering you a complete choice of products which includes API standard multi-stage pump spares (as per customer drawing) as well as silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, carbon and graphite, mechanical shaft seals and thermal or plasma coatings jobs. We believe quality assurance is the best and most vital objective of any of our organization.

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Seal Faces: Carbon, Direct Sintered Silicon Carbide, or Tungsten Carbide vs. Direct Sintered Silicon Carbide Maximum Pressure: 300 psi (20 bar) Temperature: -40° F to 400° F (-40° C to 204° C) ISC1BX A single inside mounted cartridge metal bellows seal Seal Faces: Carbon, Direct Sintered Silicon Carbide, or Tungsten Carbide vs.

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Silicon carbide is commonly used in mechanical seals of reactor coolant pumps. The sealing system works in the presence of water under normal working conditions and may briefly experience dry contact conditions during starting and stopping. Free graphite is added to silicon carbide …

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TF Seals offers a wide range of mechanical seals to different industries, including single and double mechanical seals, metal bellows, split mechanical seals; gas seal, slurry seals; Seal face: Silicon carbide (Q1), Carbon graphite resin impregnated (B), Tungsten carbide (U2)

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functionality of mechanical seals. Due to its capacity for developing a transfer film as a solid lubricant, carbon materials are used in coination with nearly all sealing ring materials. Only very soft materials are unsuited. well-suited ¬ SiC/C-composite material SiC30 ¬ Silicon carbide materials ¬ Tungsten carbide

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Our range of seals includes the following version : - * Rubber Bellow Seals for water appliion. * Single Spring and Multiple-spring Mechanical seal with various Face coination like carbon, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, Ceramic Stellite Ni-Resist etc. * Teflon Bellow Seals for acid appliions.

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Rotating Face Silicon Carbide Carbon Silicon Carbide Stationary Face Tungsten Carbide Silicon Carbide Silicon Carbide Hardware Stainless Steel / Brass Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Mechanical Seal SM, LG, & XL Bearing Frames Temperature Range -20 to 250°F* Maximum Pressure 175 PSI (Optional 250 PSI) pH Limitations 7.0 - 11.0

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Specialised seal setting of the mechanical seal is not required as the seal is dimensionally set on assely. This feature further enhances fast and efficient on-site seal interchangeability. Materials for Mechanical Seals Carbon/Stainless Steel, Silicon Carbide/Silicon Carbide or variations of these materials to suit fluid being pumped and/or


ton/carbon/ceramic and viton/silicon carbide/silicon carbide. A double mechanical seal is available in the same materials with water flush, this is Suction pressures should not

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MECHANICAL SEAL. Mechanical seal is a product which is used to balance the inside pressure and atmospheric pressure in pumps and vessels. It is constructed as two parts rotary and Stationary. Rotary is a rotating part connected with shaft and stationary is a static part in the stuffing box or gland plate. Generally mechanical seal have the

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The properties of our premium material, SiC30, are superior to the already outstanding properties of conventional silicon carbide materials, and set new benchmarks. This material coines the favorable emergency operation properties of graphite with the toughness of silicon carbide. This is enabled by an unusual production process in which highly porous electrographite is impregnated with

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The single inboard seals maintain the optimum position in the liquid. This ensures efficient cleaning, lubriion and cooling. Design: O-ring mechanical seals Rubber mechanical seals Multi-Spring Mechanical seals (To replacement the original wave-spring seals) Seat ring: Carbon Carbide and Silicon Carbide Ni-Resist Steel Seat, Viton O-Ring

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Technical Features. Cool running gland design provides clearances 10 times greater than the average clearance provided by other seal manufacturers’ designs, This feature maximizes the volume of flow around seal faces, resulting in a cooler, cleaner face environment, providing extended seal life.. Tangential flush connections positioned over the seal faces utilize the largest thru hole

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Most seal companies offer Carbon vs Ceramic (because of cost) with only a 170 (ten times less) PV value and charge more for Carbon vs Silicon Carbide. Why compromise seal capabilities and life? Vulcan offer Carbon vs Silicon Carbide as standard with no increase in cost. Vulcan design fits the Silicon Carbide rings into

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To allow for mechanical seal replacement without removal of the motor, a spacer coupling is provided on units with motor horsepower of 7-1/2 and above. With hydraulic coverage to 390 GPM and 930 feet TDH, the EBARA model EVMSU is designed for booster, water purifiion, and hot water appliions.


Jul 17, 2017· If your specifiion calls for this pH range, the pump seal material specifiion should be changed to EPR/Carbon/Tungsten Carbide (TC) or EPR/Silicon Carbide (SiC) /Silicon Carbide (SiC). I recommend the EPR/SiC/SiC material because that seal can handle pH up to 12.5 which gives you some “wiggle room.” Mechanical Seals and Higher Solids

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® SP Silicon Carbide Technical Data ProductDescription Hexoloy® SP SiC is a sintered alpha silicon carbide material designed specifically for optimum performance in sliding contactappliions such as mechanical seal faces and productlubried bearings. This material improves upon the excep-

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Mechanical seal replacement kits include seal faces and o-rings for both shafts and rotors and cover o-ring NOTE 2: Contact CSI Pump Center at 417 831 1411 DOUBLE SEAL: SILICON CARBIDE / CARBON / CARBON / EPDM SINGLE SEAL: SILICON CARBIDE / SILICON CARBIDE / BUNA SINGLE SEAL: SILICON CARBIDE / SILICON CARBIDE / VITON

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About Seal Sales mechanical seals online shop. Mechanical Seals supply all types of Gaskets Material, O-rings, Poly Seal, Pump, PTFE, Industrial Valve Seals and more

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environmental stability at high temperatures. Silicon carbide based advanced ceramics have attracted a great deal of attention for appliion in gas turbine components, heat exchangers, mechanical seals, and wear parts [1-4]. However, silicon carbide based monolithic ceramics can contain processing and machining induced flaws which

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We stock standard and silicon carbide mechanical seals for all common spa circulation and jet pumps. Standard seals are manufactured with carbon primary ring, ceramic seat, buna elastomers and stainless steel hardware and are the normal mechanical seals used in new pumps and sold as replacement seals.

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carbon ring,silicon carbide ring and tunsten carbide ring are all can be used as mechanical seal faces.

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CARBON SILICON CARBIDE. SYMPTOMS: Blistering of the seal face. CAUSES: Using carbon seal faces in oil (all types) Exceeding the limits of the material Flashing. FAILURE MODES: Seal face incompatibility Exceeded limits (speed, temperature, pressure) Misappliion. SOLUTIONS: Use SC/TC face coination in oils Operate within seal limits Insure