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Cubic silicon carbide as a potential photovoltaic material

boron carbide powder and SiC carbide powder. Wafers were prepared from the boules and used as boron doped source material for the homoepitaxial growth of 3C-SiC layers on the previously grown 3C-SiC free standing material in a subsequent sublimation

Stabilization of boron carbide via silicon doping

In this work, we have synthesized boron carbide doped with silicon. We have conducted a series of characterizations (transmission electron microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, Raman spectroscopy and x-ray diffraction) on pure and silicon-doped

Boron-doped graphene nanosheet-supported Pt: a highly active …

Boron-doped graphene nanosheet-supported Pt: a highly active and selective alyst for low temperature H2-SCR† Maocong Hu, a Zhenhua Yao,a Lili Li,b Yung-Hao Tsou,a Liyuan Kuang,c Xiaoyang Xu,a Wen Zhang c and Xianqin Wang *a A series of boron

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The use of n-type and p-type silicon is a foundation concept in the design of transistors. Pure silicon is not conductive. However, it can be made conductive by adding other elements to its

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The Thermal oxide Silicon wafer is growth an oxide layer(SiO2) on Silicon wafer, also name as "SiO2 + Si wafer". Growth a good quality oxide layer on the surface of Silicon wafer is important to the entire semiconductor integrated circuit fabriion process.

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Stabilization of boron carbide via silicon doping

Boron carbide nanowires doped with silicon were synthesized by the solid-liquid-solid method in which submicron boron powder (Sigma Aldrich, purity ~99%, initial particle size 0.82 μm), activated carbon (Norit America Inc., purity ~99%, initial particle size 5 μm) and silicon powder

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Optical constants of electron-beam evaporated boron films in the 6.8-900eV photon energy range, J. Opt. Soc. Am. A 24 , 3800-3807 (2007) (Numerical data kindly provided by Juan Larruquert) Data

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Silicon carbide (SiC), also known as carborundum / k ɑːr b ə ˈ r ʌ n d əm /, is a semiconductor containing silicon and carbon.It occurs in nature as the extremely rare mineral moissanite.Synthetic SiC powder has been mass-produced since 1893 for use as an abrasive..

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B-doped SiC powders were synthesized via coustion reaction of the Si/C system in a 0.1MPa nitrogen atmosphere, using polytetrafluoroethylene as the chemical activator and boron oxide as the dopant. The prepared powders have fine spherical particles and narrow particle size distribution.

Incorporation of Boron and the Role of Nitrogen as a Compensation Source in SiC …

Incorporation of Boron and the Role of Nitrogen as a Compensation Source in SiC Bulk Crystal Growth M. Bickermann*, R. Weingärtner, D. Hofmann, T.L. Straubinger, A. Winnacker Department of Materials Science 6, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Martensstr

Negative effects of crystalline-SiC doping on the critical current density in Ti-sheathed MgB (SiC…

3 Ti-sheathed, SiC-doped monocore MgB2 wires were fabried using the standard in situ powder-in-tube (PIT) method with exactly the same fabriing conditions as described previously on the fabriion of the un-doped MgB2 wires [15]. The SiC powder was

Effect of Mg/B ratio on the superconductivity of MgB2 bulk with SiC …

in SiC-doped MgB 2, optimization of the nominal Mg/B mixing ratio has been performed. The effects of the nominal Mg/B mixing 1–11 m , amorphous boron powder 99% , and nano-sized crystalline SiC powder 30 nm were used as the start-ing materials in a

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[23, 24] So far, carbon was doped into MgB 2 via several carbon sources, such as carbohydrates, [] carbon allotropes, [] graphene oxides, [] SiC, [] coronene, [] toluene, [] etc. The nature of the precursor boron powder also plays crucial role in the formation of the final matrix.

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3C-SiC substrate [6] for ion implantation or subsequent homo-epitaxial growth using a boron doped source. In the latter case the boron doped polycrystalline source materials were fabried using a PVT bulk method with a mixture of boron carbide powder

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perconductivity in boron-doped diamond C:B and boron- and aluminum-doped SiC. They propose a phase diagram depend-ing on the origin of the superconductivity, i.e., whether it emerges from host bands or from impurity bands, arguing that the type-II

Synthesizing boron nitride nanotubes filled with SiC …

Synthesizing boron nitride nanotubes filled with SiC nanowires by using carbon nanotubes as templ in which a hollow graphite anode is packed with the elemental powder to be encapsulated before performing the conventional arc deposition experiment.2–7 A

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p-type doped SiC, irrespective of dopant type, aluminum or boron acceptors, re spectively [25–27]. This indies that this disloion type can be suppressed by

Effect of grain size and doping level of SiC on the …

c. This means that only part of the SiC takes part in the reaction with Mg and B and becomes doped into MgB . Fig. 4 shows an SEM image of sample c which was made using crystalline SiC powder (Powder 3). The big grains of Un-reacted SiC can be easily

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31/1/2011· Caridge Core - Journal of Materials Research - Volume 4 - Issue 2 The annihilation of thermal donors in silicon by rapid thermal annealing (RTA) has been studied with deep-level transient spectroscopy. The electron trap AO (E c – 0.13 eV) observed after heat treatment at 450 C for 10 h, which is identified with the thermal donor, disappears by RTA at 800 C for 10 s.

Induction plasma synthesis of ultrafine Sic

Induction plasma synthesis of ultrafine Sic 1115 using RF-plasma. They studied the effect of reaction conditions on the chemical composition and particle size of the powders. Under the condition of [Sic141 = 0.1 vol% and [C&]= 0.13 vol%, the C/Si ratio of the