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Harris® ERAZ92A 3/32 X 36 Magnesium Alloy Maintenance Alloy TIG Welding Rod comes in a 3 lb tube and is ideal for welding appliions. We use cookies to improve your browsing experience and help us improve our websites. By continuing to use our website, you agree to our use of such cookies.

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Standard Specifiion for Magnesium-Alloy Extruded Bars, Rods, Profiles, Tubes, and Wire ASTM International / 01-Nov-2012 / 19 pages. ASTM B217 Specifiion for Magnesium-Base Alloy Extruded Tubes is Superseded by ASTM B107 (see above). Filler metals for Welding-magnesium alloys are specified in: AWS A5.19-92(R2006)


Magnesium Alloys. Titanium Alloys. Cobalt Based Alloys. Hardfacing Tool & Die. Nickel Alloys. Nickel Alloys. For gas tungsten arc (TIG) welding and gas metal arc (GMAW) welding of nickel alloys. Please click the product name to see the details. NAME AWS SPECIFIION

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Magnesium rod with 6% Aluminium suitable for welding magnesium aluminium alloy castings of similar composition, crankcases, gearboxes, sumps, wheels etc. 10 Items per page 20 Items per page 30 Items per page 40 Items per page 50 Items per page 75 Items per page 100 Items per page

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Indalco®''s unique in-house capability to cast redraw rod enables us to provide the full range of alloys, along with full process control right from the start. The result is a premium quality aluminum consumable that produces a high integrity finished weld.

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Mar 06, 2007· This process was perfected in 1941, and became known as heliarc or tungsten inert gas welding, because it utilized a tungsten electrode and helium as a shielding gas. Initially, the electrode overheated quickly, and in spite of tungsten''s high melting temperature, particles of tungsten were transferred to the weld.

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I can offer this: if you determine your alloy is magnesium, I have a 3/8" thick plate of mg AZ31B. I will slice a piece off for you to try to tig weld if this helps. If your piece is alum, it may be easier to find the proper tig alloy. I defer to others on this forum for their expertise. good luck

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A five minute TIP TIG weld demo, or spend some time looking at the 50 videos on the TiP TiG web site will show any weld professional that when welding or cladding in any weld position, on thin or thick metals, any alloy appliions, that TIP TIG is simply the world''s most cost effective weld - clad process for producing the highest possible

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Benefits of TIG welding. Ability to weld more metals and alloys than any other process, with high quality, clean welds. No sparks, spatter, flux, slag, smoke, or fumes. Requires only one gas for all types and can weld in all positions.

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Jun 27, 2019· The TIG welding process does not cause a loss of filler metal alloys, and TIG welders can use a wide variety of welding filler materials during the process. How Is TIG Welding Used? GTAW welding first emerged in the early 1940s, when Russell Meredith created the process using a tungsten electrode arc and helium for the shielding gas.


Washington Alloy 5356 (commonly referred to as AIMg5) is a 5% magnesium aluminum filler metal that is available for MIG or TIG welding processes. The weld deposit of Washington Alloy 5356 offers much better corrosion resistance when exposed to salt water. Common appliions would be base metals 5050, 5052, 5083, 5356, 5454 and 5456.

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Crown Alloys Company has been supplying premier welding alloys internationally since 1975. For the past 45 years Crown Alloys has developed a unique product line that includes superior maintenance and repair alloys as well as the most popular production alloys such as aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, cast iron alloys, hard facing alloys, magnesium, nickel, silver, stainless steel, titanium and

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Feb 17, 2015· Alloys in this series possess relatively good welding characteristics and relatively good resistance to corrosion in marine atmospheres. However, limitations should be placed on the amount of cold work and the operating temperatures permissible for the higher-magnesium alloys to avoid susceptibility to stress-corrosion cracking. 6xxx Series.

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TIG welding is suitable for all types of carbon steels, low-alloy steels, alloyed stainless, nickel alloys, aluminum and its alloys, copper and its alloys, titanium, magnesium, and other nonferrous alloys. The use of an infusible electrode makes TIG welding particularly suited for metals only a …

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For both TIG Welding (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding or GTAW) and MIG Welding (Gas Metal Arc Welding or GMAW) use pure argon for aluminum materials up to ½" in thickness. Above ½" in thickness, operators may add anywhere between 25 to 75 percent helium to make the arc hotter and increase weld penetration. Aluminum and magnesium. (These alloys

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Feb 01, 2013· Magnesium is easy to tig weld in a glove box. In the absense of a glove box, stick the parts in a sand blast cabinet and plu the shielding gas into the cabinet. It''s not much harder than Aluminum, easier actually since the filler doesn''t tend to jump to the electrode. Try looking at Welding Magnesium for a visual description. His comments on

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Typical appliions are for repair of Magnesium castings, broken or worn out parts of different Magnesium alloys. Properties. Masterweld AZ92A has a melting Point 1112°F, is a magnesium 92/8 is Mg - 9 Al - 2 Zn welding alloy which finds wide use for fabriing and repair welding …

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TIG Welding. TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) Welding is most commonly used to weld thin pieces of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, magnesium, and copper alloys. Versatile welding process with superior results; Complex process requires a high degree of skill; Slower yet more precise welding process; produces a superior-looking weld


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Magnesium Aluminum Alloy Mig Welding Wire Er5356 , Find Complete Details about Magnesium Aluminum Alloy Mig Welding Wire Er5356,Mig Welding Wire Price,Aluminium Mig Welding Wire,Mig Aluminum Welding Wire Er5356 from Electrical Wires Supplier or …

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Based out of North Louisiana. We are a fabriion shop along with mobile welding capabilities. TIG - Structural & Pipe: Stainless, Chromium, Low and High Alloy, Mild Steel, Aluminium, Titanium, Copper, Copper-Nickel. MIG - Structural & Pipe: Carbon Steel, Low Alloy Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Magnesium, Copper, Nickel, Silicon Bronze

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ER5356 Aluminum / Magnesium AWS A 5.10 CLASS ER5356. ER5356 (commonly referred to as ALMg-5) is a 5% Magnesium Aluminum Alloy filler metal that is used to weld Aluminum Alloys 5050, 5052, 5083, 5356, 5454, and 5456. The post-anodizing color tint is white making it …

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Nov 13, 2006· I found a box of flux cored 1/8" aluminum filler rods for gas welding at work. I had never thought of gas welding aluminum until recently when MIG and TIG weren''t available. I tried using the flux cored rods and they worked pretty good. I fixed two cast air intake pipes, about 1/4" thick through the cross section, and the repair worked quite well.

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We work with a nuer of aluminum alloys, most frequently using MIG and TIG welding processes, including: Pure aluminum (1060, 1100) Duralumin/copper alloys (2000 series) Manganese alloys (3000 series) Silumin/silicon alloys (4000 series) Magnesium alloys (5000 series) Magnesium/silicon alloys (6000 series) Zinc alloys (7000 series)

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Specific Alloy Tensile Strength (psi) Welding Method Yield Strength (psi) Documents Stock Price Qty/Order; 36AZ61A062: Inweld: 1/16: AZ61A: TIG: Data Sheet SDS: Log In to see stock Log In to see pricing 36AZ61A093: Inweld: 3/32: AZ61A: TIG: Data Sheet SDS: Log In to see stock Log In to see pricing 36AZ61A125: Inweld: 1/8: AZ61A: TIG: Data Sheet


The Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) process is frequently used in welding of aluminum alloys, because of its possible heat input control. This control can be utilized through a good selection of the process variables, which in turn results in optimizing the bead dimensions. The object of this investigation was to study the effect of TIG process parameters on weld bead dimensions.