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mig welding problem Not rated yet while using a 1/6 wire to weld pass after pass my wire burns deep holes while welding vertical. what can i do to prevent this? flux core schedule 80 6g test Not rated yet im doing a 6g test with 6010 root with hot pass and fill and cap with shelfshield flux core on schedule 80 2" pipe.what wire will work best.

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The four basic welding positions are: flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead. The most common type of weld you will do is a Fillet weld and a Groove weld, and you can accomplish these welds in all four positions. But you also do surface welds in all four positions as

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2010/3/24· In the pipe welding industry there is only 1 downhill test. In true testing situations if it has been deemed that you downhilled anything past 10-2 oclock you will fail your test. The down hill test is for 6010 pipeliners, providing a good fit up up hill is as quick or

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r/Welding: The subreddit for welders, machinists and all other enthusiasts of joining two things together. Tonight''s progress on vertical up. (GMAW 035 solid wire c25 gas 16.8v/225ipm using the "triangle" technique. 1/4" steel) as always I''m open for suggestions, I''m

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Welding vertical-up seams using a standard MIG power source requires a lot of skill on the part of the welder. In order to prevent the weld seam from sagging, the welding torch needs to be guided in an open triangle (also referred to as a fir tree) so that the weld pool is cooled down by this weaving motion.

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Low hydrogen T-8 self-shielded, all positional flux cored wire, producing a stable arc and flat bead profile, especially suited for vertical-up welds at high currents with excellent mechanical properties and a tensile strength of 490 MPa.

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Manual metal arc welding allows for any type of weld seam and position, irrespective of whether this involves restricted or overhead positions, vertical up seams or vertical end welding. Furthermore, the welder is not dependent on shielding gases and can easily work outside, even in unfavorable weather conditions such as wind or rain.

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2020/6/30· The VUP can handle vessel seam welding a vertical joint welding on plates 3/8" to 1" thick 6Æ to 10Æ high. With the optional oscillator, plates from 1 1/4" to 2" can be joined together. Its self-locking gear reducer with variable speed drive is electronically integrated with the welding control, which automatically adjusts speed to maintain the optimum copper-shoe-to-weld puddle relationship

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GMAW welding, which stands for “gas metal arc” welding and is also known as wire welding, is one of the most common welding processes. In GMAW welding, an electric arc is formed between the metal and a wire electrode, applying heat to the metal pieces.

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The other two replys are dead on. Looks very good in the center though, I was in welding class with a kid who''s weavs looked like mountain ranges everytime he ran one! No joke some were a 1/4" high some migh of even been 3/8“ in the center. Thighten up up just a

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2020/7/7· When welding is done on a vertical surface, the molten metal has a tendency to run downward and pile up. Fillet weld on a lap joint in the vertical position The flow of metal can be controlled by pointing the flame upward at a 45 degree angle to the plate, and holding the rod between the flame and the molten puddle (see above).

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2012/3/28· I tried to do some uphill welding for the first time in years the other day & all though i got plenty of penetration it was beading up in the midle! I think that my technique is fine (upside down V & getting into the sides well) but just can''t seem to get the setup right.

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97.3k meers in the Welding community. The subreddit for welders, machinists and all other enthusiasts of joining two things together. 2nd day learning vertical up pretty happy with progress any tips appreciated . Wire feed 6.5 mpm 22.4v root 19.4 cap 130A

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Vertical welding is typically done traveling uphill. I personally don’t know if anyone welds downhill with FCAW unless it is an open root weld on pipe. When it comes to welding techniques, always remeer that it is mainly all about machine set-up. The vertical

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So that is my new favorite uphill welding technique. Here is a hot tip…this welding technique also works for 6011, 6010, and 7018 uphill stick welding . The videos should explain pretty well what is going on, so I will shut up and let you finish watching.. exit vertical

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2020/6/12· This type of welding is similar to MIG welding. In fact, MIG welders can often perform double duty as a FCAW welder as well. Just like in MIG welding, a wire that serves as the electrode and the filler metal is fed through your wand. This is where things begin to differ.

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Welcome To My Blog! There is nothing like the feeling you get when you make your first perfect welding bead or finish a cool project, especially if the project turns out better than you would’ve expected.If you can weld, and you have some basic metal working skills, you can make almost anything. skills, you can make almost anything.

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r/Welding: The subreddit for welders, machinists and all other enthusiasts of joining two things together. Man you got it down! But am I mistaken for what looks like your left side looks filled to the top and the right looks like you got about an eighth or a quarter inch to

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When welding in the vertical-up position, use a drag angle of between 5 and 15 degrees for the gun. Use a drag angle of 15 to 45 degrees when welding in the flat or horizontal positions. Increase this angle as necessary if the problem persists.

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The welding bead will also have a very convex shape, and be beaded up. When stick-out is too close you can not see your puddle or follow the weld joint very well. You’ll also run the risk of burning back into the welding torch or even putting dents or craters in the weld by …

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The current used here is 73A - which puts my college conditions into close agreement with the 75A which I find is right using my own inverter welding machine for vertical-up welding. This is comparing to the previous 80A current which has been the basis of my welding development for the previous several weeks at college.