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foam wetting agent and acetylenic diol-based nonionic surfactant. It is used as a dispersant in resin-free system, as (Surface oxidized, “Treated” product) by Birla Carbon is carbon black for use in automotive topcoat, architectural coatings and piano

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Carbon black Super-P (TIMCAL) was used as conductive agent. Super P furnace black the best conductive additive. Carbon black (conducting material, super P black) was added with binder in the composite electrode to compensate the low electrical conductivity of PPy …

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20 - 60 % carbon black in direct grinding 0.5 - 10 % inorganic pigments 5 - 30 % organic pigments as compatibility agent approx. 0.1 % on white paints Dispersing Technology PCA 2016 9 …

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Baileys Grosorb Wetting Agent Baileys Grosorb is a professional grade soil wetter, designed to correct water repellent (hydroph Moisture Mulch 20190607 Baileys Moisture Mulch Baileys Moisture Mulch is a black pine bark based mulch designed to protect

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Bring innovation to the surface. The Cary Company offers a variety of wetting and leveling agents, which are added to paint and coating formulations to improve their performance. Leveling agents help control the surface tension and provide a flat and smooth appearance. They can also help prevent defects, such as craters or bubbling, from forming as the coating dries. Wetting agents help ensure

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The light cut alcohol ethoxylates (C6 – C10) are low foaming dynamic wetting agents with high performance for inks and pigment wetting. The heavy cut alcohol ethoxylates (C16/18 – C20+) are suitable products for carbon black dis-persions, tinting systems and

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Dispersing agents The role of dispersing agents A solid material dispersed in a liquid requires an additive to make the dispersion process easier and more stable – this is the role of the dispersing agent, or dispersant. Dispersants deflocculate solids and thus

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Wetting Agent and dispersing agents are used in the coatings and paints for preventing the formation of agglomerates. These chemical compounds get adsorbed on the surface of the pigments as a spacer. With these dispersing and wetting agents, the formed


Terasperse ® 2200 provides extremely effective and efficient pigment wetting for both organic and inorganic pigments, including phthalo blue, phthalo green and carbon black. Terasperse ® DISPERSANT 2208 – A well-balanced dispersant for water-based systems, especially suited for such pigments as phthalo blue, phthalo green, quinacridone pigments, iron oxides and carbon black.

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Inks and Paints Sector Iranian Gilsonite Resin is widely used as the primary carbon black wetting agent for black news inks and headset and gravure inks.Iranian About Gilsonite Natural Asphalt Our experience, coined with the outstanding academic credentials

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We can produce carbon black pellets in the size range from 0.3 to 2 mm (0.012 to 0.079 in.) in diameter at production rates ranging from 0.3 to 62.3 m 3 /hr (10 to 2200 ft 3 /hr). About Transforming Carbon Black Powder into a Valuable Product

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Welcome to the interactive world of BYK additives. This multimedia “wetting and dispersing additives” brochure has been designed to support your work, offering interactive graphics fascinating animations and videos to show the chemical processes.

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The use of universal dispersants provides excellent colour acceptance and consistent colour reproducibility in colourants based on inorganic, organic, carbon black, and extender pigments. Synergists For difficult to disperse pigments, Lubrizol’s portfolio of Solsperse TM hyperdispersants also includes synergist technology that offers a very successful approach for anchoring to the particle

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2020/8/6· To fulfill the needs of high-end industries, we will continue to develop high-performance products in line with sustainability requirements across our major product lines. Check out the latest BASF additives for your formulations.

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Malik Corporation is the Sole Agent of AGM upvc and CPVC Pipes and fittings in Pakistan. and fittings in Pakistan. GF Harvel - GF Piping Systems For over 50 years, GF Harvel is acknowledged as the industry''''s leading manufacturer of PVC, CPVC, PP and PVDF piping systems, PVC and CPVC duct systems, and PVC and CPVC Rod, Bar & Machining Stock along with custom pipe solutions to meet …

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After this treatment, the oil is mixed with bleaching earth, activated carbon or a mixture of these two. Operating the process at a vacuum of about 70 torr, greatly reduces the humidity in the oil.

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However, when it is necessary to stabilize organic pigments (or also fine-particle carbon black pigments) against flocculation, these additives show considerable weaknesses. A durable and permanent adsorption onto the pigment surface is of utmost importance in order for additives to be effective, as this is the only way that a stable protective envelope can be formed.

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dispersing agent: [dispur′sing] Etymology: L, dis + spargere, to ster, agere, to do a chemical additive used in pharmaceutics to cause the even distribution of the ingredients throughout the product, such as in dermatological emulsions containing both oil and water. Dispersing agents commonly used in skin creams, lotions, and ointments

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Wetting and dispersing additive for solvent-borne and solvent-free coating systems for dispersing and stabilizing matting agents: DISPERBYK-2159 Wetting and dispersing additive for UV-curing solvent-borne and solvent-free coating systems, and conventional solvent


Aal Chem provides its paints and coatings customers with the resin backbone, hardeners, alysts, and additives needed to create their best-in-class products. Our customers help to preserve, protect, and/or decorate our world with their coatings.

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Stepan has developed a new, high-performance polymeric dispersant for organic pigments and carbon black to improve the performance of your water-borne dispersions. It is VOC-free and self-wetting (no wetting agent required), reduces milling time and improves color strength.

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2-Propanol is used as a solvent for gums, resins, alkaloids and essential oils, as a denaturant for ethyl alcohol and is used in lotions and cosmetics. It is used in keyboard, LCD and laptop cleaning, as a wetting agent in the fountain solution used in lithographic

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Manufacturer and Exporter of Non Ionic-Wetting Agent offered by Harmony Additive Pvt. Ltd., Muai, Maharashtra. Additive 5760 NA: Additive 5760 NA is Sodium salt of Acrylic Homo-polymer based dispersing Agent. It keeps the solids dispersed in various