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Time Monday, May 6 11:30AM - 12:00PM Loion 402 Sers Anand Senguttuvan Dastur Innovation Labs Ganesh Chalavadi National Metallurgical Laboratory Ranjeet Singh National Metallurgical Laboratory Achintya Das MN Dastur & Co. (P) Ltd. Control of

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HYL Process for Direct Reduction of Iron Ore – IspatGuru Apr 22, 2017 HYL process for direct reduction of iron ore was the fruition of research efforts begun by Hojalata y L.mina, S.A. (later known as Hylsa), at the beginning of the 1950s. After the initial evaluation

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40. Quintera R. HYL direct reduction process new approach to modern steelmaking. MRT International. 1999, 5 p. 62-66. 41. Becerra J., Morales R.G. Flexibility in use of iron ores in the HYL process. 4th European Coke and Ironmaking Congress. Iune, 19-22

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such as Midrex and Danieli HyL. Global pellet production for 2007 was distributed as indied in Table 2. The role of pellet properties in blast furnace ironmaking is portrayed in Fig 1. The physical and metallurgical properties influence fluid flow, heat transfer and


Using HYL Technologies became part of Techint Technologies in 2005 Techint Technologies is now called Tenova HYL.Technology Solution. The HYL Process has always had independent reforming and reduction sections. By eliminating the external reformer

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Ironmaking and steelmaking Direct reduction, scrap processing, melting, refining and recovery plants read more Flat products Casting, rolling, processing and finishing lines read more Long products Casting, rolling, tube, pipes, extrusion, forging and finishing lines

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Fundamentalsin ironmaking Session 1 Isothermalgaseous reduction of nanocrystallitesFe203 at 450 C-600 C 1 M. Bahgat, M. I. Nasr, Central Metallurgical Research and DevelopmentInstitute, M. H. Khedr, I. M. Sedik, BenisuefUniversity, Egypt ore and iron ore


The direct reduction processes which today are in commercial use - Midrex, Hyl, Fior – produce about 20-25 million tones DRI (direct reduced iron) per annum, which is a rather small amount compared to the roughly 200-220 million tones of steel per annum produced by the EAF in the world.

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1.3 Self-reforming HyL technology for 17 producing higly metallized high carbon DRI: operating experience and results F. Garza Medina, J. Becerra Novoa 1.4 Reloion and initial performance of 24 Mobile DRI Midrex units M. G. ton, M. J. Corbett 1.5

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09:00 Alternative ironmaking routes for steel production - market conditions influence on OPEX and profitability Fabio Muscolino, Sales Manager Ironmaking, Paul Wurth 09:00 Freezones – facilitating growth and new opportunities Mark Geilenkirchen, CEO,

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Besides ironmaking and non-ferrous metal smelting (metallurgical coke), coke is also used for casting, chemical industry, calcium carbide and ferroalloy with varied quality requirements. For example, the casting coke generally requires large particle size, low porosity, high fixed carbon and low sulfur content.

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The gas-based direct reduction of iron ore pellets was carried out by simulating the typical gas composition in coal gasifiion process, Midrex and Hyl-III processes. The influences of gas composition and temperature on reduction were studied. Results show that the increasing of H2 proportion is helpful to improve the reduction rate. However, when φ(H2):φ(CO)>1.6:1, changes of H2 content

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The basis for the development of the ZEWA (Zero Waste) process was laid at the Central Recherche Metallurgique (Center for Metallurgical Research) in Belgium where a laboratory scale smelting reduction process was developed to convert various residues from Steel Plants into valuable metallic and mineral products.

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What metallurgical advantages are there? • What are the advantages of diversifying feedstock? Atilla Widnell, Senior Analyst, Metal Bulletin Research Henry Gaines, Director of Marketing, Midrex Pablo Duarte, Commercial Vice President, Tenova HYL/Energiron

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E. A. Mousa - Modern Blast Furnace Ironmaking Technology: Potentials to Meet …71 Introduction The steel industry is considered as a pillar of the economy in many of advance and development countries. It is one of the most important sectors which have a high

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Literature Review on IronMaking - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. This file shows an intensive literature review on the following: - Iron Ore Properties - Blast Furnace raw materials, process description, modifiions, operational

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Steel Technology Roadmap 1Chapter 2: Ironmaking 2.0 Ironmaking Ironmaking involves the separation of iron from iron ore. Ironmaking is not only the first step in steelmaking but also the most capital‐ and energy‐intensive process in the production of steel.

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flow chat for blast furnace iron making roescherhoreca flow chat for blast furnace iron making efoodsafety. Blast furnaces are used continuously and are only shut down when their brick lining needs replacing. As the mixture of iron ore, coke and limestone heats

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AIST''s Steel News provides the steel community with technological and innovative news on the people, producers and suppliers in the North American and international steel communities. Follow us on Twitter @AISTSteelNews.

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Smarajit Sarkar Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering NIT Rourkela Ahindra Ghosh and Amit Chatterjee: Ironmaking and Steelmaking Theory and Practice, PrenticeHall of India Private Limited, 2008 Anil K. Biswas: Principles of Blast Furnace Ironmaking, SBA Publiion,1999 R.H.Tupkary and V.R.Tupkary: An Introduction to Modern Iron Making, Khanna Publishers.

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We need CO2-efficient ironmaking processes. One of the possible solutions could be direct reduction process like Midrex- or HYL, Corex process. To enrich the iron share of the ore, for example through flotation and/or magnetic separation, it is necessary to first grind the ore to a workable grain size.

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89. Quintera R. HYL direct reduction process new approach to modem steelmaking. MRT International. 1999, 5 p. 62-66. 90. Becerra J., Morales R.G. Flexibility in use of iron ores in the HYL process. 4th European Coke and Ironmaking Congress. Iune, 19-22


Developments OJSC Scientific-Research Institute of Metallurgical Heat Engineering established in 1930 as Ural Division of All-Union Heat Engineering Institute is widely known in Russia and the CIS. The Institute focuses on development of high-technology heat

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#181 - Alliance Formed for Ironmaking Technologies Tenova HYL and Danieli & C have entered into an agreement with Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering Co. Ltd. (NSENGI) to coine and commercialize their Energiron Direct Reduction technology with an optimized blast-furnace and syngas technology (high-efficiency coal gasifiion and steelworks byproduct gas utilization technology) developed and

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