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The Hobart® Fabshield® XLR-8 is a self-shielded flux-cored wire featuring the most reliable out-of-position welding capabilities, at both high and low heat inputs, of any wire in its class. It is especially well suited for vertical-up welds at high current levels.

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Lincoln Electric also debuted a host of new electrodes including SuperArc® and SuperGlide® premium MIG wires, SuperGlaze® aluminum welding wire and Excalibur 7018 low hydrogen electrodes. Also in 1999, the company completed the sale of its motor business to the Marathon Division of Regal-Beloit, preserving Guaranteed Employment Policy through the process.

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ER70S-6 are general purpose welding wire for fabriion of mild steel. The additional deoxidizers also provide better wetting, giving a flatter bead shape and the capabilityof faster travel speeds. Conforms to AWS A5.18 ER70S-6.

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“We average probably 60 pounds of wire a day going through a gun with only one guy welding,” he says. “That’s a lot of wire.” In this case, it’s Hobart Fabshield XLR-8 self-shielded .072-inch diameter wire that he is using, an all-position wire that provides the high


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The wire’s unique formulation offers excellent weld puddle control, particularly when welding from the 4 o’clock to 7 o’clock position. • E81T8-Ni2 J H8: This wire can be used for fill and cap passes on pipeline projects constructed from Grade X80 (and below) pipe.


Hobart Brothers Company manufactures welding filler metals, including tubular wires (flux-cored and metal-cored), solid wires and stick electrodes under the brand name Hobart®. Tientai Electrode Co., Ltd. was founded in 1973 and now is the largest manufacturer of welding consumables in Taiwan, it became one meer of ITW''s more than 600 enterprises all over the world.

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Metal-cored wire isn’t new, but there are often misconceptions about appliions, cost, performance, strength, and workability compared to solid wire. Read on to learn how you might be missing opportunities to increase welding operation productivity for less cost.

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Mig Welders - Welding Equipment - Welder in which an electric arc forms between a consumable wire electrode and the workpiece metal, which heats the workpiece metal, causing them to melt, and join. - Page 13 TELWIN MASTERMIG 232 MIG-MAG/BRAZING

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Ryan Stenger has joined the team at Hobart Institute of Welding Technology (HIWT; Troy, OH) as a skill instructor. He attended HIWT in 2012 and worked for Johnson Controls for three years prior to moving back to Ohio. “I knew as soon as I had an opportunity to


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A quick reference page outlining wire and flux classifiions per the American Welding Society (AWS; Miami, FL) offers an overview of the ways flux and wire perform together. Hobart Brothers Company, 101 Trade Square East, Troy, OH 45373, 888-462-2789, .

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Metal-cored wires offer several advantages over solid wire providing excellent arc stability and outstanding penetration and wetting. The result is high quality welds with minimal slag and spatter, especially ideal in robotic or automated welding appliions. If you''re

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Proper installation of the liner is critical to its ability to guide the wire through the welding cable and up to the contact tip. Improper liner installation — which includes trimming the liner too short or having a liner that is too long — can lead to a nuer of problems, such as nesting, wire feeding issues and increased debris in the liner.

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Great prices on Hobart Fabshield 21B (0.8Mm) Welding Wire - 4.5Kg by Hobart now available at Revolution Industrial. Buy the Hobart Fabshield 21B (0.8Mm) Welding Wire - 4

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Weldability Welding performance of a MIG wire is described by the following: Weld metal soundness Weld puddle fluidity Bead shape and edge wetting Spatter tendency Weld Metal Soundness Soundness in weld metal is characterized by a lack of porosity, good


Hobart Brothers offers the wire in two diameters: 0.045 in and 0.052 in. The FabCO 107G welding wire has a smooth, stable arc that produces an excellent bead profile and helps to minimize downtime for rework associated with quality issues.

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8.3.3 Hobart 2016 Aluminum Welding Wire Sales, Ex-factory Price, Revenue, Gross Margin Analysis 8.3.4 Hobart 2016 Aluminum Welding Wire Business Region Distribution Analysis 8.4 Miller 8.4.1 Company Profile 8.4.2 Product Picture and Specifiions 8.4

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Bending, Welding or Bonding, Lay-up, Other Fabriion, Punching Over 50 years of experience, Angola Wire Products is a premier midwest wire fabrior of quality parts. Loions in Indiana and Iowa have provided us with the flexibility and experience to

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MIG Welder Hobart device for metal inert gas welding. Hobart Brothers Company is an US company specializing in wiring and welding. For MIG equipment, factory manufacturing tools, metal inert gas welding, metalworking industry, construction industry, and modern metalworking technology equipment promotional or advertising projects design.


HOBART develops, manufactures and distributes machines and equipment in the fields of warewashing and cleaning technology, cooking and food preparation as well as environmental technology. Furthermore HOBART offers specific solutions around warewashing: including a in-house developed hygiene line, perfectly adapted to all HOBART dishwashers, as well as water purifiion and water softening

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nesting: If the welding wire’s path of travel through a MIG gun is blocked while the wire feeder is pushing it, a tangled mess of wire called a nest could be the result. A nest can be caused by a liner that is trimmed too short, clogged, or the wrong size (too small or large for the wire diameter).

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Hobart welders such as the Handler® 190, Handler® 210, and Handler® 120MVP. It is interchangeable with the Hobart H100S4-10 gun carrying the part nuer 245 926. It uses round connector for the trigger wire.

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To increase precision and improve quality on automatic and robotic welding appliions using metal cored wire, Hobart Brothers offers its eXacto-Pak Precision Payout Drum. The eXacto-Pak, also called X-Pak, pays out accurately to maintain the highest of weld quality by ensuring that wire stays consistently focused in the center of the joint.

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7 MIG Welding Mistakes and How to Avoid Them MIG welding offers numerous benefits for productivity without sacing quality of the finished weld, but there are many factors that can interfere with successful MIG welding performance. You can improve

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Great prices on Hobart Fabshield 21B (2.0Mm) Welding Wire - 15Kg by Hobart now available at Revolution Industrial. Buy the Hobart Fabshield 21B (2.0Mm) Welding Wire - 15Kg