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Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) is a prime quality feedstock of today''s Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) steelmaking. Driven by the increasing price of steel scrap and the undesired contaminants of scrap, the consumption of DRI as a source of iron in EAFs has been

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Cost Effectiveness Analysis of HYL and Midrex DRI Technologies for the Iron and Steel-Making Industry By Saima Baig Dr. Brian Murray, Advisor April 27, 2016 Masters project in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Environmental Management

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[email protected] Use of DRI in EAF’s Gregory L. Dressel Pawleys Island, SC, USA Part IV: Direct Reduced Iron Process Effects and Appliions Introduction DRI or HBI usage can have distinct effects on the melting process. Energy consumption

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Midrex is an innovative ironmaking process, developed for the production of direct-reduced iron (DRI) from iron ores and primarily natural gas. Midrex is a gas-based shaft furnace process that converts iron oxides – in the form of pellets or lump ore – into direct reduced iron (DRI).

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2019/12/7· DRI fines, generated during its manufacture and handling, generate high content of fines in the size fraction less than 2 mm. It has iron content above 80%. It is difficult to directly use such iron-rich material in the primary steel making process, without agglomeration. At JSW Steel Vijayanagar, around 50 to 70 tons per day of DRI fines with < 2 mm size fraction get generated


MIDREX® — THE WORLD’S LEADING DRI PRODUCTION PROCESS Midrex is an innovative ironmaking process, developed for the production of direct-reduced iron (DRI) from iron ores and primarily natural gas.

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Overview Pig iron is produced as a co-product through the smelting of ilmenite in electric arc furnaces. The primary product in the process is titanium dioxide slag. Various grades of pig iron are produced at our operations in South Africa. Depending on the grade, our

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direct reduced iron dri prices india monthly export prices Table last updated: 23rd March 2020. Next update: ~ 20th June 2020. Notes and definitions 1) Figures above are average monthly fob export [not spot prices] for direct reduced iron shipped from India.All prices

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Iron deficiency progresses from depletion of iron stores (mild iron deficiency), to iron-deficiency erythropoiesis (erythrocyte production), and finally to iron deficiency anemia (IDA) [8,9]. With iron-deficiency erythropoiesis (also known as marginal iron deficiency), iron stores are depleted and transferrin saturation declines, but hemoglobin levels are usually within the normal range.

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iron as well as SAIL sponge iron in a acidic slag at 1300 C. It clearly indies that the acidic slag facilitates melting, as melting time of NML sponge iron is reduced from 7.8 seconds in basic slag to 7.1. seconds in acidic slag. The average melting time of SAIL

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Iron & Steel Making Electrotherm has supplied more 2000 Induction melting furnaces and completed more than two dozen turnkey projects in India and globally including Coal Based DRI Plant, Submerged ARC furnace and mini-steel plants. Setting up a new project

IS 15774 (2007): Sponge Iron/Directed Reduced Iron (DRI) Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI) and Cold Briquetted Iron (CBI) for Steel Making

IS 15774:2007 (Amalgamating IS 10812:1992, IS 13839:1993 and IS 13905: 1993) Indian Standard SPONGE IRON/DIRECT REDUCED IRON (DRI) HOT BRIQUETTE IRON (HBI) AND COLD BRIQUETTE IRON (CBI) FOR STEEL MAKING — SPECIFIION ICS 73.060.10

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In contrast to Midrex DRI, Energiron DRI can be used in the BF without being further processed to HBI. The use of DRI in BFs became commercial practice for the first time in 1989(Huitu et al

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VIU Methodology • The method used to evaluate the value of HBI/DRI and pig iron resulting from the absence of residuals involved looking at direct substitution of higher cost grades of scrap with a blend of OBM and a lower value, high residual scrap grade. • Value-in-use is determined by calculating the cost of a metric ton (tonne) of premium


Tenova Inc. designs and supplies submerged arc furnaces for the production of ferroalloys, pig iron, non-ferrous metals and special products. The successful operation of a submerged arc furnace depends on a nuer of key factors, such as the accuracy of furnace sizing, the proper selection of electric parameters and the implementation of sound technological solutions.

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Nevertheless, EAF-based units require their raw material inputs to be material that is already in the form of iron – scrap iron and steel, or reduced iron in pig iron ore DRI/HBI. In general, a large percentage of ferrous scrap generated is used by EAF steelmaking (these facilities have the capability to have up to 100% of their input feed being scrap).

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DRI, HBI, Pig Iron Ironmaking at a low investment cost 16 EAF Crude Steel Production Ratio ・EAF steelmaking is rising due to more scrap in advanced countries. 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 1984 1986 1988 1990 1992 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002

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With such dimension of notion WE in our Sponge Iron Manufacturing process through 4 Kilns (1 * 350T and 3 * 500T) laid up the best DRI making process of India. It is Coal Fuel based DRI. Coal based Sponge-iron is a metallic product produced through direct reduction of iron ore in the solid state .As such it is also known as Direct Reduced Iron (DRI).

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now available in the USA DRI plants are now being built; the Nucor 2.5 MTPY DRI plant started up in Louisiana late last year while another 2 MTPY HBI plant is being built in Texas. However, on a global basis, world iron unit production is over 1100 MT/yr

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London — US iron ore miner Cleveland-Cliffs, which is building an HBI plant in Ohio, said it sees a healthy margin between direct reduced iron (DRI) and pig iron, and a move to higher quality iron units for regional electric arc steel mills stoking demand.

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Steel making in India is branched into two sections specifically primary route and secondary route. In the primary route of steel making iron ore is used as raw material. In the first stage iron ore is melted in a blast furnace to produce hot metal, and in second